Apple might soon Reveal its Gemini AI Affiliation with Google

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 01 July 2024

At its yearly developer conference last month, Apple revealed ChatGPT's integration with Apple Intelligence on its devices. Several people asked why Apple hadn't chosen Google and Gemini AI. Many thought that AI would follow suit, given that the two companies already have an agreement in place for Search to be the default choice on Apple devices. Apple, however, chose to use ChatGPT and OpenAI. According to a Bloomberg story, Apple may make the announcement of Gemini AI integration later in the year.

According to the article, Apple has been in discussions to employ Anthropic's models in addition to those with Google. It is anticipated that an announcement about the employment of Google Gemini AI will be made "this fall." Apple had indicated at ChatGPT's announcement that it intended to include more models and had in fact name-checked Google Gemini AI.

The Apple Intelligence and ChatGP

Apple said at WWDC that ChatGPT access would be included into iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia experiences. As a result, users won't have to switch between applications to take use of ChatGPT's knowledge or its ability to comprehend images and documents. Additionally, as needed, Siri can draw from ChatGPT's experience. Before sending any papers, images, or inquiries to ChatGPT, users are prompted, and Siri then provides the response straight.

The system-wide Writing Tools offered by Apple, which assist users in creating articles for whatever topic they choose to write about, will include ChatGPT. Users of Compose may also create graphics in a multitude of styles to go along with their content by utilizing the ChatGPT image capabilities.

It is anticipated that Apple would include Gemini AI or any other model in a comparable manner, allowing consumers to select the generative AI chatbot of their choosing.

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