The Latest AI Assistant Ella-GPT is Introduced by the TECNO CAMON 30 Series

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 05 June 2024

TECNO's new CAMON 30 Series makes a daring statement. In an effort to compete with popular voice assistants currently on the market, the business is putting its money into Ella-GPT, a voice-activated AI assistant included into the series.

Although Ella-GPT's usefulness in practical applications is yet unknown, TECNO asserts that it is capable of performing a multitude of functions, including content creation, timetable management, language translation, and information retrieval in more than 70 languages. With this audacious initiative, TECNO may be predicting a time when AI helpers on our smartphones would become vital friends.

In addition to Ella-GPT, the CAMON 30 Series has additional AI-powered capabilities including "Ask AI" for writing help and an AI tool for creating images inside the Notepad app. Even though they are not revolutionary, these features show TECNO's dedication to incorporating AI into all facets of the user experience.

With the new Polar Ace AI Image Processor, the CAMON 30 Series, a cooperation with Sony, is sure to appeal to photography aficionados. Better low-light shooting is promised by this technology, which has long been a problem for smartphone cameras.

It remains to be seen if TECNO's significant investment in AI, especially with Ella-GPT, will pay off with customers. But the company's desire to be a significant participant in the fiercely competitive AI-driven smartphone industry is evident in the CAMON 30 Series.

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