The first M4 Chipset with Twin OLED Displays: New iPad Pro

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 08 May 2024

At Tuesday's Let Loose event, Apple made much-needed upgrades to its iPad portfolio. The more expensive iPad Pro now includes a Tandem OLED display, M4 CPU, thinner body, improved accessories, and a slew of other improvements.

Here are the top five features of the iPad Pro:

1) Apple launched the first-ever M4 chipset in the updated iPad Pro on Tuesday. The new processor is based on 3-nanometer technology, which is said to be power efficient and provide up to 1.5x better CPU performance than the M2 chipset on the previous generation iPad Pro.

The updated CPU also has a new display engine, which is expected to improve accuracy, color, and brightness on the new OLED UltraRetina XDR display.

2) Focus on AI: Apple's current iPad Pro is positioned as a 'outrageously powerful tablet for AI', indicating its commitment to the technology.Apple claims that the M4 chipset includes its most powerful Neural Engine to date, capable of 38 trillion operations per second. 

Apple claims that the neural engine in the M4 processor is more powerful than any AI PC available today, allowing the iPad to do AI-enabled activities more quickly.

Furthermore, enhanced frameworks on the iPadOS are said to make it simple for developers to access the Neural Engine and offer AI functionality like as running diffusion or generative AI models on the tablet.

3) Apple's thinnest product: The iPad Pro's new OLED display appears to have drastically reduced its thickness. The new iPad Pro is being marketed as the 'thinnest Apple device ever,' with the 11-inch measuring just 5.33mm thick and the 13-inch weighing 5.1mm. Furthermore, Apple has successfully reduced the weight of its iPad Air and iPad Pro models, making the Pro series lighter than the Air series for the first time ever.

4) Apple has added OLED displays to its iPad Pro series, marking a first for the company. The new iPad Pro features an OLED Ultra Retina XDR display with tandem OLED technology, which combines light from two OLED panels to deliver full-screen brightness.

Apple claims that tandem OLED technology will make photographs and movies seem brighter while preserving details in shadows and low light and providing improved responsiveness to motion content. 

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