Steps to Become a Lean Organization to Drive Business Growth

By Rohan A T Tuesday, 07 June 2022

An organizational structure is a crucial facet that determines the success and failure of a business. While it is important that businesses remain agile, it is also important to have a lean organization structure which can complement the flexibility of your business. For those, who don’t know about lean organization and lean business model: Traditionally, a lean organization structure can be defined as a structure that is purposefully designed to offer better value to the customers while at the same time using fewer resources. There are multiple benefits of lean organizational structure that can help a business to cut unwanted slack and perform at their true potential. So, in this article, we will take a closer look at the various steps to become a lean organization.

  • Analyzing Current Operations: The first step you need to do as a business leader is to analyze your current business operations. Check whether you are operating in an optimal manner and if you don’t see a problem that hinders the short term and long-term aspirations of your business, then it is better for you to stick with the current organizational structure. If that is not the case and you see multiple pain points during your analysis, then it is a great time for you to consider changing into a lean organizational structure.
  • Allocation of Resources: As mentioned before, if you identify various issues when you analyzed your firm and you see that there are multiple areas in which you can improve your operations, then those are the areas that you need to address first. Make sure that you plan accordingly so that if there are resources that are wasted in a single area you will be able to rectify these issues and if there are areas where more resources are needed then you can allocate the needed resources to that area. This will help you to utilize the existing resources in your organization in the best possible manner. Apart from that, during this process, you will also be able to know whether you have more resources or less resources at an organizational level.
  • Cutting Unwanted Slack: If you see that there are more resources than needed being carelessly utilized to perform business operations, then you should cut that unwanted slack so that you can not only streamline your business operations but you can also utilize the remaining resources to its fullest potential. This is crucial owing to the fact that, if you are able to utilize the maximum potential of your resources, then you can have a better chance of success in the corporate realm.
  • Preparing for the Change: The next step in your journey to be a lean organization is to prepare yourself as well as the rest of the organization for the change. Explain to them about the changes that will happen and how it will help the company to move forward. If you want to train certain personnel, do that as well so that you can reach for greater heights in the corporate realm and strive for the sustained success of your company. Being prepared to be a lean organization will also help the business to remain agile and adopt to the changing market conditions in a much better way.  

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