Duolingo Transforms: AI-Driven Restructuring for Enhanced Language Learning

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 10 January 2024

Language-learning app Duolingo has implemented a restructuring initiative resulting in the termination of 10% of its contract translators, according to recent reports. This strategic move is aligned with the company's growing reliance on generative artificial intelligence (AI) for content curation and development. A Duolingo spokesperson acknowledged that the reduced need for certain contractor roles was partially attributed to the integration of AI.

Sam Dalsimer, Duolingo's Global Head of Communications, emphasized the multifaceted role of AI within the company's operations, clarifying that while it contributes to the reduction in the contract workforce, it is not the sole factor. Dalsimer highlighted the ongoing significance of both contract and staff employees in validating and refining AI-generated outputs for accuracy, including the creation of sentences and acceptable translations. Duolingo is actively seeking alternative roles for the affected contractors.

In a move to further bolster its technological capabilities, Duolingo disclosed plans to hire for two new AI positions. One role aims to personalize the app experience, while the other focuses on refining speech-related functionalities. Dalsimer clarified the company's perspective on AI and job displacement, emphasizing that AI is designed to streamline processes, enabling translators to concentrate on more intricate tasks rather than replacing human jobs entirely.

Despite these changes, Duolingo shared impressive statistics from 2023, including over 23 billion lessons completed on the app and 8.4 million active learners studying Hindi. The Language Report 2023 by Duolingo showcased a cumulative learning duration of nearly one and a half billion hours on the app, with more than 32 million individuals worldwide engaging in the study of multiple languages throughout the year.

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