Sports Gamification App SportsHero launches in India


The world’s most sophisticated sports gamification and marketing platform takes its revolutionary sports fan experience to the world’s biggest cricket fans

● World’s fastest growing social community dedicated to sports
● Robust prediction programme across football and cricket with more sports to come
● SportsHero set to make an impact with Indian cricket fans on the eve of the Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils Indian Premier League
● SportsHero global brand ambassador and legend of the game Ian Chappell in Mumbai to celebrate launch


Mumbai: Today, SportsHero marked its official launch into the Indian market at a press conference during the India Premier League (IPL) with its global ambassador Ian Chappell. On the eve of the Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils blockbuster, the app made waves through the sporting community with a product that sets to take cricket fans experience beyond the stadium and television and into their digital worlds.

The app which currently features cricket and football, allows fans to interact virtually with their favourite competitions, rigorously testing their knowledge and expertise in predicting outcomes of the game.

SportsHero is building a global community of sports fans that all aim to top the app’s leader board to win daily, weekly and monthly prizes while providing a non-traditional marketing platform for brands.

SportsHero is well placed to lure fanatical Indian cricket fans to the app and has introduced the most-attended cricket competition in the world, the IPL to its prediction platform in time for today’s launch.

Speaking at the launch, Tom Lapping, Chief Executive Officer SportsHero, shared the company’s vision for the market, “Across the globe our users are passionate sports fans that have an innate desire to be closely connected to the games. India is a dynamic market with a huge love of cricket coupled with astounding mobile and social media consumption, making it an incredibly exciting market for us.” 

Highlighting the knowledge and skill required for using the app, he added, “It's unlike anything else on the market. To rank highly on SportsHero you need to combine genuine knowledge, skill and analysis of the game along with passion for the sport. Our users are constantly up-skilling by reading news, pre-game reports and post-game analysis, and pulling it apart with friends and family to make highly-skilled predictions. There is a real sense of reward in being a successful SportsHero user and we are excited to share this experience with Indian sports fans.”

Ian Chappell, former Australian Cricket captain and global ambassador of SportsHero, shared his insights about the tremendous engagement SportsHero provides Indian sports fans, “Throughout my career, I have experienced first-hand the unbelievably strong passion India has for cricket. The IPL has been built on this love of the game and it has naturally sparked robust discussion, debate and predicted results amongst fans.” 

“SportsHero takes that culture to another level by connecting users with like-minded fans around the world and intensifying the competitive nature of the game with digital recognition and reward. The app allows users to get deeply involved in the analytical side of the game and make better predictions by harnessing the power of the other sports fans in its social community.”

SportsHero is structured around three revenue models, including: Free to Play, Pay to Play, and Pay to Follow. The company will continue to develop its commercial partners for these revenue models as the global user base grows. SportsHero has tailored its product for the Indian market including market specific prizes and has plans to integrate other large Indian cricket leagues.

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