Should You Look At Availing Family Office Services To Manage Your Wealth?

By Sponsored Post Monday, 27 June 2022

Should You Look At Availing Family Office Services To Manage Your Wealth?As a member of a wealthy family, an idea of creating a family office might have come to your mind. And, it’s pretty natural as well. After all, with it, you can manage your wealth without making too much of an investment or something as such.

But, is establishing such an organization right for your purpose?

In this article, we have shared our raw thoughts on the prospect of choosing the family office services for wealth management. There’ll be some additional information available regarding the same as well. So, stay tuned till the end! 

What’s A Family Office - A Brief Introduction

As per a report, there are more than 10,000 family office services operating throughout the globe. And, amongst them, almost 6,000 are situated in the USA. Even Bill Gates and his wife had Cascade Investment who used to take care of their wealth management program.

But, what is it, really?

In essence, a family office is a private management firm that can take care of the investment and financial side of an individual. Usually, they can offer services like -

  • Charitable giving,
  • Wealth transfer, 
  • Life insurance,
  • Budgeting, and 
  • Tax services.

Usually, the prospect of a family office can be categorized into three different aspects. Here’s what you need to know about them.

1.The Multifamily Office

A multifamily office usually focuses on working with more than one aspect of financial management. For example, it’ll be their job to work on an investment strategy, make a private investment, and assist with tax planning

Besides, they can also advise you on family governance. Considering how much their overall services pan out, this type of family office model tends to be much more affordable. 

However, as you’re sharing your resources with another family or two, they’ll lack a little bit of control than a conventional family office service.

2. The Traditional Family Office

The concept of a conventional family office is quite straightforward. In this aspect, you, as a wealthy individual, will form a legal entity first. And, then, you will need to hire a staff who will manage, protect, and invest the wealth closely. 

As they are an in-house product, a traditional family office will also have to assist with the lifestyle of the family. However, this would be the least important amongst all of their tasks.

3. The Outsourced Office

Unlike the aforementioned, an outsourced office isn’t a single organization or an office at all. Instead, it’s a collaborative effort made by more than one supporting player. 

For example, the financial advisor will handle the person's investment portfolio while the attorney will take care of their estate plan.  If you’re looking for a family law firm, ensure they have expertise in administrative tasks, bookkeeping, or other specific areas you require assistance with. Also, there will be a CPA involved in this aspect who will work on paying bills and curate tax strategy.

Aside from this, you’ll also need to hire a -

  • Concierge service.
  • A family governance advice provider.
  • A next-generation educator.

… to get some assistance with your education and family planning.

Why Should You Avail A Family Office Service?

Having a substantial amount of wealth can definitely be useful for almost any family. It’s almost a dream for some people, you might say. But, with a lot of money comes a lot of headaches too. And, managing or investing the same is one of them.

Hence, if you need any assistance regarding the same, opting for a family office service will be ideal for you. Here’s how they can help you out.

  • They can offer a holistic approach in the aspect of managing your asset. Besides, they can also ensure that your money is being spent in the right manner at the right place. There’s no need for you to offer any input in that regard at all.
  • Additionally, a family office service can also provide education regarding managing your money. Also, with them, you’ll get a monthly balance sheet that can help you keep track of your assets and the overall income.
  • In case you are the owner of multigenerational wealth, having a family offer service can help you do proper transitional planning with it. This, in turn, can help you with sustaining your money for a prolonged period and secure your future perfectly.
  • Almost every family will have at least one personal and financial disagreement with each other. In this case, the family office service can work as a neutral mediator and offer the right suggestion to everyone.
  • Finally, the organization can also do philanthropic planning and tailor the same with the family’s core interest. It can boost your wealth or revenue generation even more and ensure your public reputation as well.

How to Choose Family Office Services

Look for reputable family offices that specialize in serving clients with similar needs and preferences. You can find family offices through referrals from trusted advisors, professional networks, industry associations, and online research.

Assess the experience and expertise of the family office team, including their track record, qualifications, certifications, and industry reputation. Look for professionals with a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of various financial disciplines. Furthermore, evaluate the culture and values of the family office to ensure they align with your own.

Understand the fee structure of the family office, including management fees, performance fees, and any other charges. Ensure transparency regarding fees and potential conflicts of interest. Moreover, assess the technology platforms and resources used by the family office for portfolio management, reporting, and client communication.

Ask for references from current clients or request case studies that demonstrate the family office’s ability to meet client needs effectively. You can also look for reviews and testimonials online to gauge client satisfaction. Schedule meetings with potential family offices to ask questions, clarify doubts, and assess their suitability. Conduct thorough due diligence by reviewing contracts, legal documents, and regulatory compliance.

The Final Say

When it comes to wealth management, only having an idea about the investment procedures will not be enough. Aside from that, you’ll also need to focus on improving your financial literacy and more.

However, until you become proficient in that regard, we’ll suggest you opt for a family office service. They can take care of all your wealth management-related issues and ensure that you’re doing well in the fiscal department.

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