LinkedIn is under fire from Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal for removing his post twice

By Consultants Review Team Saturday, 11 May 2024

Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal expressed his displeasure with LinkedIn on May 10th in an outburst on the social networking site X, formerly known as Twitter, over the removal of a contentious post he had made over the usage of gender pronouns. LinkedIn quickly removed Aggarwal's article, which attacked the AI for what he saw as "imposing a political ideology" on Indian users.

Aggarwal tweeted his dissatisfaction: "Dear @LinkedIn, once more, you have removed my post! Since you deleted the entire discussion, you didn't even inform me this time or leave a trace. Thankfully, my group takes screen grabs. You may take this one down as well, but you can't take away my viewpoint.I will be discussing my bigger ideas and some actions with everyone tomorrow since @Microsoft owns you.Aggarwal.

The dispute arose earlier this week when Aggarwal was referred to by LinkedIn's AI as "they" rather than "he," which led him to doubt the AI's objectivity and charge the platform of promoting a political agenda. Aggarwal's criticism goes beyond slights; it draws attention to a larger worry over the technical sway that foreign companies have on Indian consumers.

Aggarwal said, "Dear LinkedIn, this post of mine was about YOUR AI imposing a political ideology on Indian users that's unsafe, sinister," in a post that soon went viral. How daring of you to label my post as hazardous! For this reason, India has to develop its own technology and artificial intelligence. If not, we'll only be tools serving the political goals of others." In addition, he posted a screenshot of LinkedIn's notification, which said that the removal was due to a breach of their "Professional Community Policies".

Aggarwal has made a strong case for the creation of homegrown technology to guarantee India's independence in the digital sphere. His business, Ola, aims to compete with international IT companies by releasing Krutrim, its own AI platform, last year. "We are developing our own system to control energy and create the world's most efficient data centers. Aggarwal declared, "We will outperform Microsoft, Google, or anybody else to prove that we are willing to compete." This demonstrated his unwavering dedication to technical independence.

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