Senu Duggal: Project of ₹578 Crore to Supply Water to 122 Villages in Fazilka

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 21 June 2024

Deputy commissioner (DC) Senu Duggal stated on Thursday that the canal water treatment plant in Patrewala village, which was built at a cost of ₹578.28 crore, will guarantee a potable water supply to 122 villages and 15 smaller habitations in the assembly constituencies of Abohar and Balluana in Fazilka district. The project is more than 70% done and is anticipated to be finished by March 31 of the following year.

Duggal, who reviewed the project's progress, stated that heavy metal pollution made the area's subsurface water unfit for human consumption.

"This project was started by the state government to use canal water to provide a long-term solution. In Abohar, Khuhiyan Sarwar, Arniwala, and Fazilka blocks, it would provide services to 4.75 lakh people from about 80,000 families, with future capacity planning to meet the demands of 6 lakh people, the DC said.

The Gang Canal will be the source of water for the 68 MLD water treatment facility. The project, which is being carried out by Larsen & Toubro, entails purifying the water at Patrewala and then distributing it over a vast pipeline system. Of the 439 km main pipeline, 278 km have been completed so far, and 700 km of internal village pipes as well as 21 new water tanks are planned.

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