Read-Aloud Feature Released By OpenAI ChatGPT

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 05 March 2024

A new read-aloud function has been released by OpenAI. With the help of this function, the chatbot may read aloud its replies in five different voices. It is anticipated that these characteristics will alter the way people interact with the AI model, offering a more straightforward and captivating experience. It is already available through ChatGPT's online version, iOS, and Android applications, where it has already been integrated.

For those who want to listen to replies while on the go and are busy, the read-aloud tool is really helpful. Notably, this new function can automatically determine the language of the chat and respond in the appropriate language. It is available in 37 languages. Another option available to users is to have ChatGPT always answer vocally throughout talks.

Additionally, ChatGPT's new read-aloud capability is free for all GPT 3.5 users and is not limited to premium customers.

Through a post on X, OpenAI announced the feature, saying that ChatGPT may now read your answers. To read the message aloud on iOS or Android, press and hold it, then select "Read Aloud."Additionally, you may now read aloud the message on the web by clicking the "Read Aloud" option below.

How to take advantage of ChatGPT's latest read-aloud feature: Open ChatGPT on your iOS device, Android phone, or web browser. Enter the text prompt in the language of your choice. It will take a moment for ChatGPT to react to your request. To hear ChatGPT's response read aloud, hold down on it and choose the "Read Aloud" option.

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