Rapido enters the Cab Business after successfully operating a Bike Taxi

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 05 December 2023

Rapido, a bike-taxi firm, has announced the debut of Rapido Cabs, an intra-city, SaaS-based mobility solution. With about 60% market dominance in bike taxis, the company has expanded its reach in the country with cab services and has deployed an initial fleet of 1 lakh cars in the Indian market.

"Our innovative SaaS-based platform revolutionizes the conventional commission system for drivers, tackling the persistent challenge of commission sharing with aggregators," said Pavan Guntupalli, Co-founder of Rapido. This innovative technique assures that drivers pay only a little charge for software usage, signaling a big shift in the sector."

The SaaS-based platform allows the user to connect with drivers and consumers without establishing marketplace control. Drivers in the Rapido ecosystem receive direct payment from consumers, with no involvement from Rapido.

What should drivers do if they want to register with Rapido?

A little subscription charge is needed for drivers. When customers earn roughly Rs 10,000 using the Rapido app, they would be charged a Rs 500 subscription fee, according to the business.

It added, "Simultaneously, passengers benefit from competitive fares in the cab segment, as the all-encompassing SaaS-based platform consolidates various commuting solutions into a single, user-friendly app."

Rapido was started in 2015 and now operates in over 100 locations across India. At the time of writing, it had over 25 million app downloads. According to Tracxn data, Rapido has raised around USD 324 million in total. Swiggy, the online food delivery service, led the company in raising approximately USD 180 million in April 2022.


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