Pregnancy tracking, a new vitals app, and more in Apple watchOS 11

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 12 June 2024

Fresh off the commencement of WWDC 2024, Apple has revealed a flurry of new operating system upgrades for every device in its ecosystem. With the introduction of artificial intelligence along with a plethora of new features and customizations, iOS 18 takes center stage. In a similar vein, Apple WatchOS 11 was also introduced by the company.

This major upgrade comes with a new Vitals app, enhanced health readings, and customization possibilities that are meant to revolutionize the current Apple Watches. Now let's examine every new feature that the watchOS 11 upgrade brings.

Apple has released watchOS 11: Every little detail

Vitals app: The recently released Vitals app gives users access to comprehensive reports that show their vital signs, such as body measurements, heart rate, and sleep patterns. Vitals provides individualized insights with the use of Apple's cutting-edge health features, enabling customers to make better decisions about their health.

In an emergency or when your health metrics deviate from the usual range, it also sends out health reading notifications.

Pregnancy tracking: Apple has brought extensive assistance for expectant mothers with watchOS 11. In addition to recording symptoms and keeping track of gestational age, it offers customized health advice and reminders for expectant mothers.

Training Load: Training Load measures the amount of force you apply to your body over the course of 28 days, in one to 10 different training modes. After that, it will offer advice on how to maximize training plans and prevent injuries.

Fitness App with Customizable Activity Rings: You can now create personalized objectives for every day of the week and pause monitoring with the Activity Rings. Additionally, a customized interface for workout data and other health measures are added to the Fitness app for the iPhone.

New customization options for Smart Stack have been added, allowing for the addition of new widgets depending on routines and user context. On-device intelligence is now used by the Photos app on the Apple Watch to assist in selecting the finest photos from your library.

Additionally, Apple has expanded the workout options in the Workout app and included GPS routes. The watch OS 11 upgrade will launch as a developer beat update today, and a public beta version will be made accessible the following month.

By year's end, the official stable release for Apple Watch Series 6 watches and beyond is expected.

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