PM Modi wants to take a huge step towards empowering its Citizens using AI

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 08 December 2023

While extending an invitation to the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence Summit 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that India is eager to take a major leap in the field of AI to empower its population. The GPAI will be held at Bharat Mandapam from December 12 to 14. The summit's lead chair is India, a co-founder of the GPAI.

Modi remarked in his LinkedIn blog that India is committed to leveraging technology, particularly AI. "India reaffirms its commitment to harnessing technology, particularly AI, for the welfare of people, ensuring that nations of the Global South are not the last to reap its benefits." He went on to say that India is committed to paving the way for a legislative framework that ensures safe and trusted AI, bringing all nations together for widespread and long-term adoption. Modi emphasized that we are living in an exciting time, where decades of fast-paced innovation and the strength of human endeavor have brought to reality what was previously thought to be solely in the domain of imagination.

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one field where applications are expanding at an exponential rate." "This revolutionary technology is now in the hands of a new generation - young, brilliant minds rapidly enriching its vast potential," he wrote.

According to him, India, as one of the youngest countries with a strong start-up environment and a smart workforce, is set to be an active contributor to the advancement of AI as the globe moves into the not-too-distant future. "India offers solutions that are scalable, secure, affordable, sustainable, and replicable on a global scale," Modi remarked. India's Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) plan is an excellent example of such foresight."

In the last nine to ten years, India and its citizens have leap-frogged with the help of technology. It is not an exaggeration to claim that India accomplished in a couple of years what other countries needed generations to do. "This was possible through the fast-paced penetration of mobiles along with internet connectivity and scalable models for digital inclusion," he went on to say.

The GPAI includes 28 member countries and the EU as members to guide the proper development and application of AI.

India has made substantial contributions to the GPAI since its launch in June 2020, actively participating in different projects to support the development, deployment, and adoption of open, safe, secure, and accountable AI. India's election to the Council in November 2022 demonstrates its commitment to safe and reliable AI.

Many exciting workshops will be held at the Summit, including the AI Expo, which will feature 150 start-ups showing their skills.


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