OpenAI unveils GPT-4o, available to all ChatGPT users for free, rivaling Google I/O

By Shiwani Pradhan, Correspondent, Consultants Review Friday, 17 May 2024

GPT-4o, an improved version of the GPT-4 model that drives OpenAI's flagship product, ChatGPT, is released. In a livestream announcement on Monday, OpenAI CTO Mira Murati stated that the revised model "is much faster" and enhances "capabilities across text, vision, and audio." Everyone may use it for free, and paying customers will still be able to "have up to five times the capacity limits" compared to free users, according to Murati.

OpenAI states in a blog post that while GPT-4o's features "will be rolled out iteratively," its text and picture capabilities will be made available in ChatGPT as of right now.

According to a post made by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, the model is "natively multimodal," meaning it can produce content and comprehend speech, text, or picture directions. According to Altman on X, the API for GPT-4o is twice as fast and half as expensive as GPT-4 Turbo, so developers who wish to play around with it may do so.

As part of the new model, ChatGPT's speech mode will get more functionality. The software will have the ability to function as a voice assistant akin to Her, reacting instantly and taking note of your surroundings. The speech mode that is now available is more constrained; it can only hear input and can only react to one suggestion at a time.

After the broadcast, Altman wrote a blog post discussing OpenAI's development. Although he admitted that the company's original goal had changed, he maintained that it had been to "create all sorts of benefits for the world." Altman appears to be indicating that OpenAI's priority has shifted to making those models available to developers through paid APIs and allowing those third parties to do the developing. OpenAI has come under fire for not open-sourcing its sophisticated AI models. "Instead, it appears that after we develop AI, others will use it to make a variety of incredible things from which we can all profit."

Divergent reports before to the release of GPT-4o said that OpenAI was revealing a voice assistant integrated into GPT-4, an AI search engine to compete with Google and Perplexity, or a whole new and enhanced model, GPT-5. Naturally, OpenAI planned this debut to coincide with Google I/O, the tech giant's premier conference, where we anticipate the introduction of several AI products from the Gemini team.

When questioned if OpenAI was attempting to overshadow them, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said, "One event happened over a day, does not matter over time."

Google CEO Sundar Pichai responds to the launch of free ChatGPT 4o just one day before I/O 2024

One day before to Google Developer Conference, on May 13, OpenAI grand launch ceremony with products like ChatGPT 4o, Sam Altman-led AI start-up garnered headlines.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said, "One event happened over a day, does not matter over time," in response to a question from CNBC about whether OpenAI was attempting to steal their thunder. "From my perspective, the inflexion point we are at with AI, the opportunity that I see—you want to zoom out—the fact that one event occurred over the course of a day does not matter over time," he explained.

He said that, given that work is being done on the most significant technology that humans will ever develop, it is critical that they maintain a perspective. He said, "We have been investing in it as a company for a long time." We are creating cutting-edge models and trying to implement them so that we may positively impact the lives of billions of people. That, in my opinion, is our goal and the North Star. We remain committed to that.”

When Pichai was questioned about whether OpenAI would be in violation of Google's terms and conditions during the same interview, he replied, "Look, I think it's a question for them to answer." I have nothing else to say. Yes, our terms of service are quite explicit. Therefore, I believe that often in these situations, we interact with businesses to ensure that they are aware of our terms of service. And we will resolve it. He withheld any information about the situation.

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