How to use the voice mode on the GPT-4o? Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, explains

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 16 May 2024

Recently, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, responded to inquiries about ChatGPT-4o's newest voice functionality on X, previously Twitter. Though the upgrade was only meant to be accessible for a week, some have complained that it still operates like the ChatGPT-4 version.

When I try to utilize the voice feature, my account merely uses the usual ChatGPT4voice mode. When I text with it, it functions the same as ChatGPT4. My account displays ChatGPT4o as an option in both my iOS app and the browser. These issues will definitely be fixed. On the officialOpenAIsite, a user expressed frustration at being unable to use a function even though it was indicated as available to them.

Many people saw "ChatGPT error" or "Sorry, I'm having issues right now" on the screen. Our systems are under a lot of stress. Please give it another go later.

CEO Altman replied on social media to the growing number of concerns, saying, "Also for clarity, the new voice mode hasn't shipped yet (though the text mode of GPT-4o has)." The outdated version of the program is what you can use right now.

It was well worth the wait to get the new one.

What comments did online users make?

When one XX user asked, "Why not just wait a few weeks until it's ready before announcing it?" it started an internet discussion.

Another begged for its immediate release. You can't play with us like that:((.

Some, however, were ecstatic about the new capability: "Brooo, it can speak and comprehend Albanian... My parents will be thrilled to see this!

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