OpenAI CEO Sam Altman on Bill Gates' podcast about his Favorite App

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 12 January 2024

In a recent episode of Bill Gates' podcast, OpenAI's Sam Altman revealed his most frequently used phone app, which may come as a surprise to many. 

"So what application on your phone do you use the most?" Gates inquired. "Slack," admitted Altman. "I really wish I could say ChatGPT."

The announcement sparked further debate, with Bill Gates challenging Altman's decision, questioning whether it surpassed even email usage. "Way more than email," Altman replied. The only thing that came to mind was iMessages, but yeah, more than that."

Altman shared insight on the tremendous collaboration taking place within OpenAI, as well as the importance of Slack in his daily routine. 

Gates then revealed his preference, saying, "It's Outlook." I'm an old-school email guy, either that or the browser because a lot of my news comes through the browser." "I didn't quite count the browser as an app," Altman added. I may use it more, but I'd bet on Slack. I've spent the entire day on Slack.

Slack is a professional messaging platform that is often used for team communication and collaboration. It enables users to create channels for various topics, projects, or teams, allowing for more organized discussions. To streamline workflow, users can share messages, data,and  and integrate numerous third-party programs. Slack has grown in popularity as a tool for remote work and team collaboration, providing a centralized communication platform.


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