Nvidia's Jensen Huang Hails Ilya Sutskever, who Departed OpenAI: 'Began the AI Revolution'

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 24 June 2024

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang praised OpenAI cofounder Ilya Sutskever, who quit the business following a tumultuous attempt to remove CEO Sam Altman. During his commencement speech at the California Institute of Technology, Nvidia cofounder Ilya mentioned Sutskever and two other well-known computer scientists for their work on AlexNet, a convolutional neural network.

According to the AlexNet research report, the system depended primarily on Nvidia's graphics processing units, or GPUs, and identified over a million high-resolution photos in 2012. Alex Krizhevksy, Geoffrey E. Hinton, and Ilya Sutskever collaborated in its design.

Jensen Huang stated that "Geoff Hinton, Alex Krizhevsky, and Ilya Sutskever used Nvidia CUDA GPUs to train AlexNet and shocked the computer vision community by winning the 2012 ImageNet challenge."

This was the big moment, the big bang for deep learning. "A watershed moment that marked the start of the AI revolution."

Following that, Ilya Sutskever founded OpenAI with Sam Altman, Elon Musk, and a team of academics, but his tenure ended in May of this year, six months after he and the company's board members moved to remove Sam Altman from the CEO position.

Illya Sutskever is now launching a new artificial intelligence firm called Super Safeintelligence Inc., a research facility with "one goal and one product: a safe superintelligence."

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