New features on Snapchat: Emoji Reactions, Customizable Messages, and More

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 02 May 2024

A number of additional features, such as the ability to modify transmitted messages within a time restriction, are planned for Snapchat. Users can use this to fix typos and other errors in their messages. But the edit feature will only be accessible five minutes after sending the message and only if the recipient hasn't viewed it yet. Additionally, the business has stated that Snapchat Plus members would be the first to have access to this functionality.

Similar to Snapchat, this functionality was also added to several well-known messaging apps in the last year, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Meta's Messenger, Apple's iOS 16, and maybe Google.

Snapchat will also roll out a new AI-powered reminders tool, map reactions, and emoji reactions in addition to the editing capability. The AI technology will create a countdown to assist users in remembering crucial deadlines.

Additionally, users of Snapchat will be able to utilize AI to make personalized clothing for their Bitmoji, and users of AI Lenses will be able to take a selfie to create a Polaroid-style '90s version of themselves. Users have the option to reply to messages with standard emoji replies if Bitmojis aren't their thing.

On Snapchat, users may respond to friends who post their location, but only while they are not operating a motor vehicle. The new capabilities are live right now, and Plus users will soon be able to modify their messages.

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