Users of Telegram can Now Avail a Number of New Features

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 30 April 2024

In an effort to improve platform usability and user privacy, Telegram has added a number of new features. The 900 million monthly active users of Telegram are the target audience for the latest software updates, which range from enhanced customization choices for channels and profiles to anonymous story-watching for premium users.

The company claims that these new capabilities provide users greater control over their communications, profiles, and interactions with other users inside groups and channels. Let's examine everything that Telegram has brought to the platform in depth.

Channels: A new 'Channels' page has been added to Telegram's search interface. It shows users the channels they follow and suggests more channels with related material to make finding information simpler.

My Profile: Users may rapidly modify their information and view their profile as it appears to others under the 'My Profile' section of Settings. Users may additionally emphasize significant events or accomplishments by pinning up to three articles to the top of their profile.

Birthdays: Telegram users may now include their birthday on their profile, which contacts can view. When someone visits a user's profile on their birthday, animated balloons and confetti greet them, and when someone else's birthday falls on the chat list, a birthday banner shows up.

Collectables on Your Profile: Channel owners may now include their channels in their bios, where visitors can touch to access their material. A thorough sample of the most recent post is displayed above the bio. Collectible username owners may also connect their usernames to their Telegram accounts or channels, which will reveal details about the collectable's worth and acquisition date.

Publish Location Indefinitely: Users have the option to permanently publish their current location with people or groups, enabling others to track them and create notifications for when they get there. Users may manage notifications for reactions to their messages and stories by adjusting the settings for reaction notifications.

Profile Pictures in Forward Messages: To enhance conversation recognition, forward messages now include the profile photo of the user from whom they were forwarded. For more creativity and enjoyment in conversations, premium users may add animated and customized emoji to polls.

Mass Moderation for Groups: Group administrators can carry out bulk moderation by choosing many messages for moderation actions and limiting user permissions without instantly banning users. Recent activities have better term highlighting and are more condensed, with related actions clustered together.

Better Recent Actions: To maintain organization, channel administrators can control the kinds and quantity of replies that each post can get. To show support for channel owners, premium users have the option to view and unhide advertisements.

Open Stories secretly: By pressing and holding a story in their feed or by using the story menu, Premium subscribers may enable Stealth Mode to access stories secretly. Even in this state, their views are veiled momentarily.

Swipe for Next subject: Users may swipe to move to the next unread subject in groups where topics are enabled, which makes it simpler to remain up to speed on various discussions. Lastly, Instant View for websites is now supported by Telegram's desktop app, enabling fast and fluid page loading with embedded media.

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