New Features Added to Telegram Business: Prompt Responses to Chatbots

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 03 April 2024

Telegram, a popular messaging app, has introduced new business capabilities that enable any user to convert their account into a company account. These features include the ability to establish working hours and location, customize the start page for new discussions, create rapid answers, set greeting and away messages, and more.

The business capabilities also allow you to add colored labels to chats and build custom chat folders for easier organization.

Users may also create links that connect them to a conversation with the company, which can be utilized both within and outside of Telegram. Businesses may now use Telegram bots to handle and respond to messages on their behalf. Currently, all Telegram Business features are free for Premium members.

Major updates to Telegram Business include:

Hours and Location: Companies may make it easy for clients to discover them and know when they are open by posting their operating hours and location on a map.

Custom Start Page: Businesses may welcome clients with personalized text, stickers, or branded artwork on a start page for new conversations, displaying products or services from the front.

Quick Replies: This tool streamlines customer contact by allowing the development of shortcuts for delivering prepared messages that can contain text formatting, links, stickers, media, and files.

Greeting and Away Messages: To ensure constant connection, automated greeting messages welcome new contacts and notify clients about company closures or vacation times.

Chat Tags and Folders: Companies may use colored labels and personalized folders to categorize chats and make it easier for employees to quickly find discussions according to need, importance, or status.

Connections to Chat: Companies might provide direct chat connections, such website buttons or QR codes, to make it simpler for clients to start discussions.

Chatbots for Business: By integrating with Telegram bots, automatic message processing and responses are possible, providing a smooth method of handling client communications.

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