Nasscom CoEs: Cultivating Groundbreaking Innovation for Startup Success

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 17 January 2024

In the realm of innovation, a notable player has emerged through the public-private partnership of Nasscom's Centre of Excellence for IoT (Internet of Things). Among the success stories is Lifespark Technologies, founded by Amey Desai in 2018 at IIT Bombay. Their cutting-edge developments cater to individuals with neurological conditions and spinal injuries, notably the WALK band that aids Parkinson’s patients in walking. Incubated at Nasscom's IoT center in Bengaluru, Lifespark epitomizes the transformative impact these centers are having on startups.

Nasscom currently operates four CoEs situated in Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam, and Gandhinagar. Collectively, they have nurtured 386 startups, with Bengaluru and Gurgaon leading the pack in terms of startup incubation. These labs, initiated in 2018 and financially backed by the Union Ministry of Electronics and IT along with state governments, serve as crucial grounds for companies harnessing technologies like IoT and AI.

Sanjeev Malhotra, CEO of the Centre of Excellence for IoT, emphasizes the creation of an ecosystem fostering the growth of companies exploring emerging technologies. The centers facilitate connections with industry experts and alumni while assisting in market entry strategies. Notably, startups aren't subjected to stringent criteria for selection, with uniqueness and problem-solving capabilities being key considerations.

Healthcare solutions have been a focal point for startups in Bengaluru and Gurgaon, while Visakhapatnam and Gandhinagar specialize in port logistics and manufacturing solutions, respectively. Rx One Care, incubated in Gurgaon, integrates various medical services into a single application, streamlining accessibility for patients. Similarly, MedPrime, also in Gurgaon, has developed a digital microscope that enhances the speed of pathology test results.

Elecbits, serving as a digital link between electronics vendors and manufacturers, has significantly simplified the equipment manufacturing process, eliminating intermediaries. Additionally, they've developed devices for companies like Urban Company and Ola Electric.

Furthering the spectrum of innovation, Eugenie, incubated in Bengaluru, offers an emission control module that merges geospatial data and AI models. This technology aids companies in assessing their baseline emissions, identifying abnormalities, and determining their causes. Their clientele includes Tata Metaliks India, Nexa Resources Brazil, and Jabil USA.

In essence, Nasscom's CoEs have become instrumental in creating a conducive environment for startups, enabling them to thrive and contribute groundbreaking solutions across various industries. The success stories emanating from these incubators underscore their pivotal role in propelling India's technological landscape forward.

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