India is developing a Global Framework for Artificial Intelligence

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 20 December 2023

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a paradigm shift in India's technical capabilities during the grand finale of the Smart India Hackathon. He emphasized the need of self-sufficiency and stated that India should try to eliminate its reliance on imported technologies.

"In our lives, technology now has unprecedented importance." "India's goal should be self-sufficiency, free of technology imports and external dependencies," said the Prime Minister during his lively discussion with students.

In addressing the problem of defensive technology, Modi emphasized India's reliance on imports in key industries, emphasizing the importance of self-sufficiency. He emphasized that India has the world's greatest talent pool, and that the world is confident in the country's ability to produce cost-effective, superior, sustainable, and scalable solutions to global concerns.

While noting the potential benefits of developing technology, the Prime Minister expressed concern about the growing threats of cyber fraud. He cautioned care when dealing with emerging technology, particularly the deceptive authenticity of deepfake films made with Generative AI.

"These videos, which are startlingly realistic, demand careful examination before acceptance." "India is emphasizing a global framework for AI," PM Modi said, emphasizing the significance of using technology with prudence and responsibility.

Encouraging young inventors, Modi emphasized the increased global expectations following India's Chandrayaan mission, pushing them to develop in conformity with these higher aspirations. "Our Chandrayaan mission has increased the expectations of the world manifold," he went on to say.

"The next 25 years will be India's transformative 'Amrit Kaal,' serving as a defining period for young innovators." "Our collective efforts will shape India's foundations for the next millennium," Modi said, setting the tone for the country's technical independence soon.


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