Narendra Modi and Bill Gates Discuss About the First Words of an Indian Child: "Aai" and "AI"

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 29 March 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonstrated how artificial intelligence is being used in India in the areas of governance, education, and medicine during a lighthearted conversation with Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates. He even joked that one of the first words spoken by children born in the nation today is "AI."

"Artificial intelligence is crucial. Mothers are referred to as "aai" in several areas and dialects of our nation. In a lighter tone, the prime minister stated, "There are times when I joke that when a child is born in India, he says 'aai' and 'AI.'"

The PM also discussed current real-world applications of AI with Gates, namely at the G20 summit.

Let me explain one fascinating use of AI. You'll be pleased to observe how a regular person illustrates its usefulness. AI-based language interpretation systems were on display at our G20 campus. We gave each chauffer a smartphone app so they could communicate with visitors easily. For example, the chauffeur could comprehend if a guest spoke French thanks to the app. This made it easier for speakers of diverse languages to have productive talks.

"I attended the Kashi Tamil Sangam function recently. Since I don't know Tamil, I gave my address in Hindi, which AI instantly translated into Tamil so that the Tamil Nadu audience could understand me perfectly," Modi stated.

 "Historically, as a colony, we fell behind throughout the first and second industrial revolutions. We are currently seeing the fourth industrial revolution, with the digital element at its center. "I have no doubt that India will benefit greatly from this," the prime minister declared.

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