Milestone Systems: The First India Experience Center Opened its Doors in Bangalore

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 21 June 2024

This week, Bangalore saw the opening of Milestone Systems' first India Experience Center, an open platform video management software (VMS) provider. More than simply a showcase, this state-of-the-art facility is the largest of its type for the corporation in the Asia Pacific area. The immersive area is intended to provide clients and partners with a direct experience of the newest developments in video technology, with the opportunity to explore its possibilities beyond conventional security applications.

On the fringes of the event, Business Today had an exclusive conversation with Malou Toft, Vice President for APAC at Milestone.

The Vision behind Bangalore's first India Experience Center: "Our vision aligns with Milestone's core purpose: to make the world see," stated Malou Toft. In the Asia-Pacific area, India offers one of the biggest development prospects. After a number of years of presence, we are currently dedicated to expanding our business considerably. Our conviction in India's potential is demonstrated by the establishment of our largest regional experience center in Bangalore.

India has full of potential because of its amazing economic outlook and the government's digitization ambitions, which are exactly in line with Milestone's plans."

Important technology on display at the recently opened experience center

Video analytics is the standout feature. It represents a substantial departure from passive monitoring by enabling data-driven judgments based on video evidence. In the past, events in video recordings had to be continuously observed by humans. Businesses may get a great deal of value from the transformation of video data into actionable insights through video analytics.

The experience center shows how video analytics, particularly for businesses with existing CCTV equipment, can optimize operations, cut costs, and open up new prospects. The advantages of video technology may be further enhanced by integrating third-party apps with ease thanks to Milestone's open platform solution. Our goal is to demonstrate to Indian clients the immense possibilities of video, going beyond security uses to enhance client satisfaction and advance corporate objectives.

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