Google Chrome Unveils Innovative Generative AI Features for Enhanced Browsing

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 24 January 2024

Google has unveiled three new generative AI features for its Chrome browser, aiming to enhance user experience and streamline browsing activities. These advancements leverage artificial intelligence to provide innovative functionalities for tab management, theme customization, and writing assistance.

The first feature, Tab Organiser, offers a hassle-free method for users to handle numerous tabs without resorting to manual commands. When utilizing this AI tool, Chrome will automatically propose and establish tab groups based on the user's open tabs. To activate Tab Organiser, users simply need to right-click on a tab and select "Organise Similar Tabs" from the dropdown menu, simplifying tab management effortlessly.

The second feature, Customise Chrome, empowers users to personalize the appearance of their Chrome browser, echoing recent features introduced in Android 14 and Pixel 8 devices. Through this tool, users can effortlessly generate AI-powered wallpapers for their Chrome browsers. To access this feature, users can click on the 'Customise Chrome' side panel on the homepage, select "Change theme," and then opt for "Create with AI," enabling a seamless theme customization experience.

The third feature, 'Help me write' AI, is anticipated to be launched in the upcoming Chrome release. This tool aims to enhance writing on web pages by providing improved language and confidence. Whether filling out online forms, composing emails, or crafting online reviews, users can employ this tool by right-clicking on a text box on Chrome and choosing "Help me write." Subsequently, users input a few keywords, and the AI generates an automatic text response to address the prompts, facilitating efficient and articulate communication.

As Google continues to integrate generative AI into its products, these three features exemplify the tech giant's commitment to enhancing user interactions within the Chrome browser, promising a more intuitive and personalized browsing experience.

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