Microsoft Wants Windows Developers more than Ever Before

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 31 May 2024

The last time Microsoft truly needed Windows developers was when it urged them to create a new form of program that could run on phones, PCs, tablets, Xbox consoles, and headsets like the HoloLens. It was all part of a wider plan to alter Windows by introducing a new interface for touch-friendly software that would compete with the iPad.

It failed badly. Developers did not flock to universal Windows programs, and Microsoft finally abandoned its touch-friendly interface in favor of a more conventional desktop in Windows 10. The cross-platform fantasy of the Windows 8 era was short-lived.

Microsoft is now attempting a new project and requires the assistance of coders once more. It is integrating AI models and tools directly into Windows for the first generation of Copilot Plus PCs, which include powerful neural processing unit (NPU) processors to expedite AI workloads. I've written about how these new laptops will compete with the MacBook Air, shift Windows to Arm-powered processors, and prepare Windows for the AI age. The main selling factors are increased battery life, improved performance, and the promise of AI functionality within Windows and the apps you use every day.

But for all of this to succeed, Microsoft needs developers to change their programs again – and get users enthusiastic about using Windows.

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