Meta Trials 'Trending Topics' Feature on Threads for User Engagement

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 13 February 2024

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's Founder and CEO, has announced the company's experimentation with a fresh feature called "Trending Topics" on Threads. This feature aims to offer users insights into ongoing popular discussions within the platform. The initial testing phase of this feature is underway in the United States, with plans for broader deployment in other regions and languages once it undergoes refinement.

Zuckerberg revealed in a Threads post, "We're launching a limited test of today’s top topics on Threads in the US. We plan to expand its availability to more regions and languages as we refine its performance." Meta has outlined that this feature will spotlight current conversations and will be visible in searches and within the For You feed of the app.

Adam Mosseri, Instagram's head, confirmed the testing of the "Trending Topics" feature on Threads, stating, "The topics showcased on Threads today will be accessible through the search page and the For You feed. Our AI systems determine these topics based on real-time engagement within Threads."

Moreover, Mosseri emphasized, "While our AI systems select the topics, our content specialists will review them to ensure they are relevant and non-duplicative. We aim for these topics to accurately reflect the current trends on Threads, including political discussions."

In the midst of this, Meta has clarified its approach to political content, asserting that it won't actively suggest political content by default to users on Instagram and Threads.

Threads, Meta's text-based platform competing with Twitter, is seamlessly integrated with Instagram, allowing users to sign up using their Instagram credentials.

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