Live Streaming Video: An Optimized Way of Communication

By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi Friday, 04 October 2019

It is popularly said that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is invaluable. As the world is growing smaller due to the interconnected network between people across the globe via the internet, live streaming video is gaining popularity. In corporate sectors also, live video is in huge demand, as it is not only revolutionizing their communication sector but also provides a modern outlook to their business. Costumers are no longer interested in viewing graphical or alphabetical representation in a report, rather they demand real connections with real people which provides them clarity and transparency. Communication through live video not only increases the trust of the customers but also gives them a real-time human interaction experience which is personal and honest. Not only for the business purpose but live streaming videos can also be used for internal communication among the employees within the organization as well.

The scenarios in which a business organization can use the live streaming video are listed below:

1. Workforce Training:

Rather than the monotonous traditional training, live streaming videos can be used for internal training and onboarding. Not only it is cost-effective but it can be saved and reused for future references also. With perfect demonstration, it will effectively train a distributed and remote workforce.

2. Internal Communication within employees:
Internal webcast is also gaining popularity as CEOs, boards, and HRs can instantly communicate with the employees by live streaming. 

3. Company Meetings:
For company meetings or quarterly report generation, live streaming videos can be used by using one to many broadcast solutions. This will not only give a reliable and high-quality broadcast but also provide peace of mind to the executives keeping the information flowing between the departments.

4. Corporate Events:
For programs like product launches, product demonstrations, updates, and announcements, live streaming can provide the much-needed business platform. As a versatile communication solution, it will be accessible by maximum people providing the organization a unique recognition among its customers.

5. Public Conferences and Guest Speeches:
Instead of gathering employees, partners, and customers in a single physical location, companies now opt for virtual conferences. At a single venue, the entire event is live-streamed in which participants and guests are connected using the internet. This is not only proving to be convenient for the person with a tight schedule to attend the event but also is cost-effective and time-saving.

6. Host Interviews and Q&A sessions:
Video live streaming also provides the platform to conduct interviews of the employees and clients on a timely basis, which will not only increase the engagement of the company with its clients but also provide a chance to know views and concerns.

7. Company Vlogs and Live Shows:
As a marketing strategy live shows can be a great way to reach out to customers for delivering company messages and staying relevant. Not only it will genuinely increase the brand value but also it will highlight the work ethics and inner culture of the company.

There are many platforms on the internet which are beneficial for live streaming in the corporate sectors, such as IBM Cloud Video, Livestream, JW Player, Vimeo, Muvi, etc. Live streaming video provides endless possibilities for connecting the company with its audience. Corporate video live streaming not only helps the company by attracting new clients, partners and investors but also improves the relationship with the existing ones. By applying live streaming videos to many areas of the organization will not only support business objectives and save financial resources but also helps the organization to achieve the desired success. 


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