IPL Cricket Cheer - Bing Image Creator, Create Amazing Images Using AI

By Shiwani Pradhan, Correspondent, Consultants Review Tuesday, 02 April 2024

The Indian Premier League (IPL), which is regulated by the Board of Control for Cricket in India, has seen tremendous growth in popularity since the commencement of its 17th season. Significantly,  to produce images linked to the IPL, one can use AI tools like Bing Image Creator (Copilot). 

Microsoft Copilot is an artificial intelligence (AI) solution created to give Microsoft 365 users automation capabilities for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and beyond. It is also compatible with Windows OS and the Bing search engine. Originating from earlier client-side endeavors like Clippy and Cortana, which it substitutes, Copilot provides recommendations, streamlines chores, and endeavors to enhance users' productivity and efficiency.

Copilot is made to capitalize on the increased processing power that AMD and Intel are introducing into desktop and mobile PCs. Along with their most recent CPU generation, both chipmakers are releasing an AI coprocessor. The coprocessor is specifically made to handle language models and carry out client-side inferencing. These technologies will be used by Copilot to increase processing power. 

Copilot primarily employs GPUs and central processing units for inference and training, respectively. The newest generation of AMD and Intel CPUs are the only ones with neural processing units (NPUs). NPUs are intended to be AI accelerators. It is thought that Copilot uses the NPU to delegate tasks from the CPU and to carry out inference on computers with insufficiently strong GPUs. 

The instructions below outline how to utilize Copilot's Designer tool, which allows to create AI-generated art:

How to use the Designer on Copilot: Open Microsoft Edge and click the Copilot symbol in the sidebar, or visit the Copilot website. 

Go to Designer: Once in Copilot, select the Designer option. It might be found on the sidebar or reachable via a particular tab or area devoted to the creation of art. 

Put Your Prompt: You'll notice a search box or a prompt entry area in the Designer interface. Clearly describe the image you wish to produce. Incorporate specifics into your artwork, such as items, people, feelings, environments, and any additional visual components you choose.

Improve Your Prompt (Optional): Provide more context or information if you wish to improve or alter the created image. This can improve the AI's comprehension of your vision and lead to a more precise outcome. 

Create Your Artwork: After inputting your prompt, select "Generate" or a related button to let artificial intelligence handle your request and produce the artwork in accordance with your description. 

Review and Customize (if available): You will usually get a preview or the finished image when the AI creates the artwork. Check if it fits with your vision by going over it again. Certain platforms could include customization choices, such as changing the colors and designs or including finishing touches.

Store or Download Your Artwork: You have the option to store or download the created artwork to your device if you are happy with it. To store your creation, look for choices like "Save," "Download," or comparable actions. 

Try and Explore: To produce a range of artworks, feel free to try out various prompts, styles, and places. Discover new creative ideas and let your creativity run wild by exploring Designer's skills in Copilot.

Using Designer in Copilot, you may give precise prompts that encapsulate the spirit of cricket, clubs, players, and the exciting environment around IPL matches in order to generate images connected to the Indian Premier League (IPL). 

Here are a few examples of useful prompts:

Catch a spectacular moment in cricket: Create a scene from an IPL match that is action-packed and features a batsman hitting a six with the crowd cheering him on in the background.

Honor team spirit by using players dressed in their team colors and enthusiastic spectators waving flags and banners to depict the unity of an IPL team celebrating a win on the field.

Make a lively player portrait by creating a captivating image of a well-known IPL player in their trademark position, complete with their team's emblem in the backdrop and a driven expression on their face.

Highlight stadium atmosphere: Create a picture that perfectly depicts the vibrant lights, pyrotechnics, and sea of fervent fans that characterize an IPL stadium during a night match. Showcase legendary Indian Premier League moments: Using players from both teams in focus and the trophy shining in the backdrop, illustrate a historic event from an IPL final match, such as a last-ball drama or a magnificent catch.

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