Intel Releases an AI PC Program for Developers & Vendors

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 27 March 2024

Under its AI PC Acceleration Program, Intel has highlighted two crucial efforts. Two major steps toward encouraging innovation and cooperation within the software and hardware ecosystem are these initiatives: the AI PC Developer Program and the inclusion of Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs) in the program.

The importance of the expansion was highlighted by Carla Rodriguez, Vice President and General Manager of Client Software Ecosystem Enabling at Intel, who said, "By working with the ecosystem, we have made great strides with our AI PC Acceleration Program." We are reaching out to small and medium-sized players as well as aspiring developers today by adding the AI PC Developer Program, going beyond big ISVs."

With a focus on independent software suppliers (ISVs) and software developers, the AI PC Developer Program seeks to improve developer experience and promote widespread use of breakthrough AI technology. It provides a full range of tools, processes, frameworks for AI deployment, and developer kits with the newest Intel hardware, such as the Intel Core Ultra CPU.

The revised developer resource sites provide as a single point of access for toolkits, documentation, and training resources pertaining to AI PC and client. With the help of these unified resources, developers will be able to take full use of Intel Core Ultra CPU innovations, maximizing the performance of AI and machine learning (ML) applications and speeding up the creation of new use cases.

The AI PC Acceleration Program gives Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs) the chance to optimize, enable, and prepare their hardware for Intel AI PCs. Partners that meet the requirements can visit Intel's Open Labs to obtain early technical and co-engineering help for their platforms and hardware solutions. Furthermore, Intel gives approved IHV partners access to reference hardware so they may test and refine their technologies in order to guarantee effective performance at launch.

With much enthusiasm, Matt King, senior director of Intel's Client Hardware Ecosystem, announced the expansion: "Intel has now onboarded 150 hardware manufacturers worldwide into our AI PC Accelerator Program. We can't wait to expand our cutting-edge software and hardware solutions and share this momentum with our large, open developer community."

The AI Acceleration Program is open to both developers and IHVs, and Intel is actively working with hardware partners to take the AI PC experience to new heights.

In October 2023, the AI PC Acceleration Program was initially unveiled. By providing a wide range of resources, such as co-engineering assistance, training, sales opportunities, and artificial intelligence toolchains, Intel hopes to enable hardware vendors and developers to explore new avenues in the field of artificial intelligence.

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