Instagram Is Testing Note Prompts as a Novel Approach to Encourage Discussions

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 23 January 2024

To give users a new option to write a note that invites a response from others, Instagram has begun testing Notes prompts. The new function was revealed by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri through his Broadcast Channel IG Updates. According to him, the purpose of Notes prompts is to increase participation by facilitating self-expression and fostering connections with friends through Notes.

Screenshots released by Mosseri appear to show that note prompts function similarly to Story prompts, which request that users provide a specific type of image to participate in the trend. With the same prompt, your Story is uploaded so that others can continue. Notes prompts will show up in Instagram Direct Messages alongside Notes. You can review the feedback from followers you have returned the favor.

In July 2022, Instagram began testing the Notes function; by September 2022, more users could access it. It functions as a text-based narrative that is accessible to everyone for a full day, encouraging prompt responses. Interestingly, Notes are only accessible to the people you follow back. As a result, it limits engagement to close friends and provides conversation starters.

Similar to Stories, Instagram Notes display in the Direct Message section on top of messages in a horizontal line. The Notes content is visible, and you may click on it to reply or follow up. Instagram quickly expanded its messaging capabilities to include music, enabling users to upload songs to Notes and share their favorite tunes with their friends.

It's logical to infer Instagram intends to promote Notes as a new way to communicate with users because you can't disable them. Interestingly, Broadcast Channels, a one-way communication technology that lets influencers and public figures engage with their fans, are also supported by Instagram.


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