Infosys Unveils Responsible AI To Assist Businesses In AI Innovation

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 27 February 2024

Infosys announced on Tuesday the release of its Responsible AI Suite, which is a component of Infosys Topaz, an AI-first suite of platforms, solutions, and services that leverage generative AI. Businesses are already recognizing the main obstacles to their AI innovation efforts as data protection, security, ethics, and prejudice.

According to Infosys, the Responsible AI Suite is a collection of more than ten products centered around the scan, shield, and steer structure that is intended to assist businesses in striking a balance between innovation and morality.

According to the company, the framework's products include a range of accelerators and solutions meant to encourage businesses to use AI responsibly. While Shield focuses on creating technological barriers, checks, and accelerators that are accountable by design throughout the AI lifecycle, Scan offers solutions to help identify the overall AI risk posture, legal obligations, vulnerabilities, and create a single source of truth for compliance status of all AI projects. It also includes specialized AI security solutions.

In order to promote effective and robust AI governance for innovation, the Steer framework provides advising and consultancy services. Contract evaluations, legal advice, and the development of AI strategies are among the services provided.

To achieve the shared goal of promoting Responsible AI, the AI Coalition will bring together cloud service providers, technology partners, and startups. According to the corporation, it will also serve as the head of a unique working group made up of eminent academics, influencers, legislators, and business executives to assist shape solutions that contribute to the establishment of new industry standards in the responsible AI field.

Balakrishna D. R. (Bali), Executive Vice President, Global Services Head, AI and Industry Verticals, Infosys, remarked on the launch, saying that as technology advances, ethical and responsible AI deployment is becoming a business need. A big step toward assisting the clients in more effectively managing their AI-first journeys is the Infosys Topaz Responsible AI Suite.

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