India Mobile Congress: India will lead the world in 6G, Said PM Modi

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 27 October 2023

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the 7th edition of the India Mobile Congress in New Delhi on Friday that India will lead the world in 6G technology. He stated that India was the fastest country to witness the 5G technology roll-out last year. Now, the government is striving towards becoming a leader in 6G. Modi added "In 5G, we reached from roll out to reach out stage. Within one year of the roll-out, 400,000 5G base stations have been set up in India. Not only 5G, we are in the direction of becoming a leader in the 6G space." Today, the country is the world's second-largest mobile manufacturer unlike in 2014, when India was a net importer of mobiles, highlights Modi. He further added that India is also producing electronic goods worth Rs 2 trillion for exports.

"Today we all are proud that the whole world is using 'Made in India' phones,” stated Modi. The prime minister also added that the need of the hour is to take forward the success in mobile and electronics and establish a strong semiconductor manufacturing sector in the country.

"Today semiconductor companies from around the world, in collaboration with Indian companies, are investing in semiconductor assembly and testing facilities in the country," said Modi. "India's semiconductor plan is not only working on meeting the domestic demand but also to meet the global requirements," he added.

PM Modi said India is lucky that its young generation is leading the country's technology revolution, wherein, India's rank has risen from 118 to 43. He further highlighted that the speed and availability of connectivity has and will further have a huge impact on the social and economic situation in the country. To accomplish this, the Centre's utmost priority would be to provide access to capital, resources and technology. PM Modi also said that the Centre is focussing on democratizing technology.

"For me, this is the biggest social justice. The more we use technology, the more we will become a developed nation." he added. At the event, Modi also awarded "5G Lab" to 100 institutions for their push in driving growth in terms of technology.

As a telecom technology developer, exporter and leader, India is emerging as a frontrunner, said IT minister Ashwini Vaishnaw earlier at the event. Vaishnaw citing the speedy roll-out of 5G services in India and the nation's clear 6G vision, she said  telecom is the gateway of digital India. 


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