Impact of Networking on Business Growth

By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi Friday, 29 January 2021

Framing a successful business is generally time and energy-consuming. Therefore, having a network of friends and associates who can assist you to promote business growth is considered to be advantageous. Staying in a close loop with people who share a similar ambition, can compel you to move forward as a group. Network growth is one of the vital aspects of business growth as it is effective in building long-term relationships as well as a good reputation over time. It involves engaging with people by meeting and knowing them, who can assist, and potentially help you in return to accelerate your professional career. With a distinctive base of trust and support, good networking can lead to a remarkable difference between an ordinary and a phenomenal career.

Focusing on various key factors pertaining to the impact of networking on business growth, the article highlights some of the key points of networking, which are mentioned below.

  • Sharing Ideas and Knowledge: A network can be an effective source of new outlooks and ideas to assist you in your career. Sharing information or data on current trends, skills and goals are one of the key advantages of networking because it enables you with new insights that you may not have otherwise thought of. If you have been doubtful of an idea, challenge or any specific dilemma, contacting a trusted former colleague, mentor, teacher or friend to have interaction can ease out a lot of difficulties. Offering supportive ideas and assistance in return is a brilliant way to shape your reputation as an innovative thinker in your network.
  • Opportunities: Increasing your contacts through networking can lead to new opportunities for business, personal growth, career advancement or just for acquiring new knowledge. Being in an active network helps in staying at the top of the game when opportunities such as job openings surface and increases your possibilities of getting a referral. In the corporate sector, most jobs don’t even get advertised, especially at the peak of your career. So being an important and acknowledged part of networks is an effective way to gain access to numerous opportunities that are hard to get otherwise.
  • Increased Confidence: By incessantly interacting with people with similar mindsets and work profiles, you are not only efficiently stepping outside your comfort zone but also creating and boosting irreplaceable social skills and self-confidence that you can implement anywhere. The more you get yourself involved with the network, the more you’ll grow professionally and learn how to make ever-lasting connections.
  • Elevation of Profile: Networking is not only essential for career-building, but it also assists in getting noticed within the industry. By regularly appearing in professional and social events will strengthen your connections and make your network grow effectively. By listening carefully to others, continuing on conversations, and presenting your knowledge and expertise you can be known as a familiar face of the network which will strengthen your profile.

Including friends, family members and work colleagues networking can further accelerate your career by boosting your confidence and guiding you to flourish. Networking is also essential for creating robust contacts with people sharing parallel interests, with both self-development and mutual benefits in mind.


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