Iceland: 10 Tips For First-Time Visitors

By Tom, Content Specialist Friday, 16 September 2022

Iceland: 10 Tips For First-Time VisitorsIceland is well known as one of the most beautiful and unique countries in the world, but with this reputation also comes an influx of first-time visitors who are eager to see all that Iceland has to offer. If you’re planning your own trip to Iceland, use these 10 tips to ensure you make the most of your time on Earth’s most striking island.

Think Visas

Visas may be required in addition to a passport, so please contact the embassy or consulate of your destination country to ensure you have all the correct documentation required. Here are some visa requirements for popular countries.

Choose When To Go

The peak season for tourism in Iceland is between June and August, though the weather will be less predictable. However, during this time there are also more events and festivals happening in Reykjavik that draw visitors from all over the world.

Rent A Car

A guide to Iceland is a car rental company that has access to all cars, which includes those most suitable for families. They offer plenty of other services such as airport transfers and vehicle maintenance. Car rental in Iceland might be a little more expensive than at home but with the availability of such comprehensive services it's worth the price.

Rent an Apartment

At Home Reykjavik, we offer a selection of fully furnished apartments with various numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms. Renting an apartment provides a home away from home and allows you to travel on a shoestring budget.

Understand The Weather Conditions

If you're expecting sunny skies, forget it. Iceland is known for their unpredictable weather and cold temperatures, so be prepared to pack plenty of layers. In addition, make sure you have a car rental in Iceland before your visit.

Come Prepared With Good Footwear

A good pair of hiking boots or shoes is a must-have on your Iceland trip. For car rental in Iceland, it's wise to book well in advance because availability can be limited due to the high demand.

Be Aware Of The Costs

Travelling around Iceland is relatively expensive, but there are ways to make it a little easier on your budget. One way is to share the cost of renting a car with one or two other people – it's more affordable and you can get to remote areas that are otherwise difficult to access. Some roads require four wheel drive, so you'll need an SUV or truck in order to take these routes.

Get National Park Passes

One of the first things you'll want to do when in Iceland is get a national park pass, which will allow you to access more than 20 different locations around the country. National Park Passes cost 1,000 krona and are good for up to two weeks. Just be sure to put your pass back into its designated slot at the entrance after use or risk being fined.

Don’t Worry About Getting Lost

As cliche as it may sound, one of the most enjoyable things about travelling to Iceland is getting lost in a new place. If you allow yourself to wander, you will be amazed at how much more you can take in and experience.

Enjoy The Best Things In Reykjavik

Visit Hallgrimskirkja, one of the most beautiful places in Iceland. It's right in the middle of    Reykjavik, so you'll see it as soon as you arrive.

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