how to mitigate the risks of international distribution

By Rohan A T Tuesday, 08 June 2021

In the modern era where geographical boundaries are shrinking owing to the advancements in technology and transportation, cross border businesses have become a new normal. With international business comes export and import. In this international trade, it is also crucial that the businesses try to gain a competitive edge to avoid being outperformed by their competitors. In international trade, it is also crucial that you get your goods to the right location at the right time and if you fail to do this, then it will put a massive dent on your opportunity to succeed in the industry. With that said, there are certain facets that include transportation costs that you should take into consideration that will affect your business. One of those most important facets of international trade is the risk associated with it and there are certain strategies that business can take to mitigate the risks when it comes to international trade. Before looking at those strategies let’s take some of the most occurring risks that are associated with international trade.

  • Loss or even the damage to cargo
  • Unexpected additional expenses that might happen
  • Delays as well as the disruptions that can happen to the supply chain
  • The increase that might occur to the insurance premiums
  • The increasing price of goods for the consumers

These four are some of the most popular risks that international trade has and now, let’s take a look at the various strategies that businesses can implement to mitigate these risks.

1. You should exercise due diligence while engaging in a carrier and that includes a) determining how long that particular carrier has been in the business, b) checking the carriers distribution centers as well as their equipment and make sure that it is secured and well maintained, c) ensuring that their personnel are well trained and qualified, d) checking the carriers track record is crucial, e) enquiring with the existing customers of the carrier will be a great way to understand their operational procedures and the quality of their services, and f) understanding the freight claim rate is important.

2. Understanding the various documentations that are required for international trade is crucial to mitigating the risks of international trade. To do international trade there are certain regulatory compliance that you should adhere to. This can also be crucial to mitigate the risks when it comes to international trade and also ensure that you keep all the records of your business as well.

3. Proper communication is important to every business and this is the same for international trade as well. Ensure that there is constant communication between all the involved parties on a timely manner.

4. Employees of an organization has a massive say in the success of that company and you should prioritize on building a team of qualified and trained professionals so that they will be equipped to face the particular challenges that is related to international trade in an efficient manner.

These are some of the facets that business leader should know about international trade and how to mitigate the risks associated with international trade.

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