How to Make Digital Content Interactive?

By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi Wednesday, 03 November 2021

In the current competitive era, most brands have to compete with numerous co-players to establish a proper connection with the target audience. Since unreceptive content won’t be able to make much influence, adding interactive content to your strategy can not only make your content distinctive but will also be able to keep your audience’s attention for much longer period. Although most of the brands are researching unperturbedly to make their content seem interactive but only a few have been able to succeed make an impact over their audiences. Giving the visitors with a reason to return back to your website, your effective content can either make or break your brand. Communicating content also conveys quality and ensures the audiences that as an industry leader, you have invested in crafting something exceptional and extraordinary. As a serious competitor in your market, you will be worthy of their trust and their business.

Some of the tips to make your digital content interactive are mentioned below.

Design Artistic and Interactive Infographics

Appealing to younger audiences, infographics can excel at captivating a greater variety of users by encouraging them to seek more information about a fascinating topic. Owing to their impeccably combined text and images, infographics can enhance the value to your website and social media platforms. Rather than text-based content which might leave viewer’s short-term memory in a short span, visual content has a higher chance of residing in the audience’s long-term memory. To keep your message and brand stay with the visitors by the time arrives for them to make a purchase decision, it is better to keep your content in graphic format. Also, to make your infographic much outstanding, make your content interactive to grab the attention of the users.

Using Interactive Scrolling

To successfully capture the attention of the customers, incorporating interactive scrolling into your website is one of the best ideas. This imaginative type of interactive content is of the innovative and smartest ways to surprise the users and keep them engaged across the website for a longer period of time to discover more content. For ensuring a successful interactive scrolling experience for the viewers, high-quality pictures, appropriate storytelling, and appealing content are the key aspects that the brands should keep in mind.

Creating Animations

Animations are often eye-catching, and are often considered as an important element of interactive scrolling. For its distinctive feature, animation can also stand apart as an interactive content. To create original animations and engage your audiences subsequently, most of the businesses are currently hiring a skilled content team to produce the imagery for you. With properly finished and eye-catching animations on your website, you can share them through your social media platforms to drive traffic to your website and attract new users.

Enable Audience Feedback

It is always better to ask for feedback directly, so that you can know how your audience feels about your content. You can implement a basic five-star system for most types of content, or as personalized feedbacks you can also ask users to share their comments or viewpoints. Implementing this interactive element increases your users’ experience and will tell you much more about their requirements and preferences. After getting the viewer’s feedback, ensure to take them into consideration positively while planning your content strategy.

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