How To Foster A Growth Mindset At Workplace

By Aveek Pal Chaudhuri Thursday, 05 September 2019

‘Mindset’ is the main factor to become exceedingly successful in life. A person with endless productive thoughts and applicable knowledge has the best mindset to foster productivity at a workplace. But sometime it becomes difficult, even for the best ‘mindsets’ to work beyond their limits and produce triumphant results. To keep minds fresh and maneuver growth, workplaces should always try to nurture the productive mindsets. Another very important factor is that one must be willing to learn things and have an open mindset to allow the free flow of knowledge. Fixed mindsets are very difficult to nurture.

Developing a growth mindset is a cumulative process. It happens step-by-step and the end picture depicts the overall result. For creating a successful growth mindset, companies need to create a learning force that cultivates both individual and team growth. Encouraging employees to acquire new skills, giving them learning options would help them to adapt to the scenarios of rapid industrial changes. From previous records, it is also evident that while learning, employees stay more focused at their work and they enjoy doing it.

Discrete learning is regarded as a malpractice and company managements should take oaths in making learning one of the mainframe goals. Employees learning together learn faster and provide mutual support to each other. It creates a professional trust and bonding among them.

Growth not only comes from learning and acquiring new skills. It also comes from active listening and giving importance to peer perspectives. It is too important to communicate properly with colleagues for infusing a culture of professional openness. With that, staying upright with spontaneous decisions during chaotic situations is furthermore one of the important qualities for a growth mindset, as incoming problems need quick resolving decisions. Soft skills are also essential for seeking knowledge. From the employee side, it is vital for them to have high career ambition. They should actively seek opportunities to learn and at the same time acknowledge and admire others.

Learning and acquiring skill-sets randomly will not prove to be beneficial. One should always stay clear about their strengths and weaknesses before opting to learn. They should select and clarify the specific areas of development and stay committed to those. This will definitely state they own their choices for their individual as well as organizational growth.

After completing learning, it is quintessential to have a self-feedback system and feedback from others. It will help to locate any gap in learning and will encourage filling those. And having a positive attitude to feedback will develop a constructive character.

Moreover, employees must exercise their learning into everyday practices, so that they get familiar with the difficulty levels and complexity of the regular tasks. This enhances their efficiency and stretches their capabilities far beyond their imaginations.

An important proven characteristic of a growth mindset is that it stays aware of the long term goals. It helps to stay on track and keeps one aligned to work. A growth-oriented individual understands the importance of learning and applying intelligence with time and experience. They always look for opportunities to improve and make mountaineering tasks look easy. They exhibit leadership qualities and make sure that every task is completed within the stipulated time. Failure is just a word for them and they create an encouraging atmosphere in the workplace that motivates everyone to give their best.

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