How Technology Is Impacting HR Industry

By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi Wednesday, 06 January 2021

Impacting every aspect of our lives, technology is renovating the various verticals of the industry distinctively. Every organization wants to leverage the technology in every possible way to reap maximum benefits from it. Implementing technologies in the human resource domain is emerging as a new trend. Mainly focused on the strategic purposes of the organization, these policies must be led to incorporate an organizational plan for the company. Still, a lot of research is going on to harness the efficiency of technology in an effective way. With activities associated with the development of the administrative systems of the organization, new-age technologies are impacting the HR industry enormously.  

This article focuses on the impact of technology on the HR domain by discussing the various angles associated along with it and some of the points are mentioned below.

  • Management: HR tools can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization leading to the success of the organization as a whole. Organizations across the world are striving to improve the overall performance of the company regardless of the size of the organization or the industry. Executives within the organizations tend to measure performance by analyzing and assessing their technological proficiencies accordingly to advance the organization’s performance.
  • Effective Recruiting: These days, organizations have comprehended that effective recruitment which is one of the foremost jobs of the HR department cannot be achieved without the implementation of technological tools. Using internet portals to select suitable candidates, the organizations reach out to the best candidates for the position. With the use of effective contemporary tools to access and scale the performance of the candidates, the organizations analyze the probability of hiring efficient employees.
  • Data Analysis and Management: Data management becomes easier after the implementation of technology as it ensures paper-free and errorless transactions. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of data management, seamless management of data through technology can lead to stable organizational performance. Apart from that, the performance data of the employees can be critically analyzed by the technological tools more which becomes easily accessible to everyone.
  • Inventory and Human Resource Management: Advanced technologies effectively manage the performance of an organization by making it much more effective and well-organized through generating customer confidence, operational competence, and efficiency. By initiating customized strategies to match the industry demand and customer satisfaction level, organizations are focused on using advanced HR tools to provide a distinctive set of products.  This also diversifies the business by ensuring upgraded products and services.
  • Customer Service: The organizational performance within the industry is often estimated and evaluated by analyzing the quality of customer services offered by the organization. By generating values and providing reliable service through the use of a unique set of HR tools, the organizations are trying to showcase a good standard of performance. As the demands of the customers are dynamic and unavoidable, organizations exercise relevant Human Resource tools for a better quality of work.  

The management of an organization should ensure that the HR department is improving simultaneously by implementing new-age technological procedures and controls. By staying focused on the recent technological innovations to be integrated with the HR department, the organization should try to achieve its objective.


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