How Indians cross the American border from Donkey Route?

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 03 January 2024

To enter America illegally, Indians traveled to Dubai, from where they planned to travel to Mexico by road and then enter the American border, according to a CID investigation of 66 passengers on a Nicaragua-bound flight that was diverted mid-flight from France due to suspicions of illegal human trafficking.

A CID Crime official informed ANI how Indian travelers used to fly to America for 60-70 lakhs, explaining the most popular route for illegal entry into the US among Indians. The issue came to light after the CID Crime Branch interrogated 66 travelers. These individuals were on board the Nicaragua-bound airliner that was returned from France due to allegations of human trafficking.

The CID Crime Branch obtained a list of 66 passengers from Mumbai immigration's FRRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Officers). CID Crime DySP Ashwin Patel told ANI that these guys were interviewed and their statements were obtained.

During the examination, it was discovered that these individuals traveled to Dubai. They used to drive to Mexico and cross the border into America from there. Officials have acquired the identities of 10-12 people who used to be involved in the illicit human trafficking network. These individuals used to demand roughly 60-70 lakhs from persons who wanted to travel to America in this way.

It was discovered that more than 60 Gujaratis on board the Nicargua-bound jet agreed to bribe immigration agents between 60 and 80 lakh rupees. These agents had told them that they would be able to enter the United States illegally once they were in a Latin American country. 

Donkey-Route Described 

Donkey flying, also known as dunki, is a prohibited method of entry in nations such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Another example of Donkey route passengers was the latest Nicaragua flight. 

The Indian authorities tracked down the 66 passengers on the Nicaragua airplane that returned to India after being grounded in France for days. Between December 10 and 20, these people arrived in Dubai via Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Delhi.

These individuals boarded the Nicaragua-bound flight of a private airline at Fujairah International Airport on December 21, as ordered by agents, according to a CID release published on Tuesday. However, the airplane was unable to reach Nicaragua since it was scheduled to return to France.

Over a week ago, an Airbus A340 carrying 303 passengers, including 260 Indians, was grounded in France for four days due to suspected human trafficking. On December 26, the plane touched down in Mumbai. Gujarat accounted for 66 of the total number of passengers who returned. According to CID- Crime and Railways, Sanjay Kharat, these 66 passengers include minors and are primarily from Mehsana, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Anand districts.

"We have already questioned and recorded statements from 55 of them." The majority of them have completed grades 8 through 12. "Each of them admitted to paying 60 lakh to 80 lakh to local immigration agents to help them cross into the US illegally after arriving in Nicaragua via Dubai," he claimed. The state CID has so far obtained the names and contact information of approximately 15 agents who have pledged to assist these 55 people in unlawfully entering the United States over the US-Mexico border.


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