How HR Bots Are Optimizing The HR Industry?

By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi Monday, 04 November 2019

The increase in demands to meet the needs of the corporate industry within a stipulated time period raises the requisition of advanced technologies. Focusing on the importance of time, organizations are looking forward to implementing innovations to achieve greater results with minimum investments. To meet the labor demands, cost reduction and better customer experience, corporate are eager to implement digitalization in the core sectors of the organization. One such revolution is AI-powered bots for HR, which is able to personalize the HR process among the employees by assisting in calculation of leave balances, connecting candidates to CRM software, managing and updating calendar, email and payslips of the employees. Considered as the new superpower for workforce management, HR bots are promptly being embraced by the organizations to tackle the manual, time-taking and iterative tasks.

To analyze the impact of the AI-powered HR bots, the below-mentioned points will highlight the scenarios in which the chatbots are changing the HR industry:

  1. Employee recruitment and on-boarding: Along with screening the candidates, HR bots can assist in the recruitment of the employees by getting the information of the applicants and doing background checks. Apart from that, it can also be helpful during the on-boarding process of new trainees by interacting with them and proving them with necessary information and instructions.
  2. Employee training: Encouraging the interactive participation of the employees, chatbots can also be used for employee training. Considered as a rather monotonous process of interaction either by a standard training video or PowerPoint presentation, these AI-driven bots can communicate with the employees through questionnaires, tests and training modules.
  3. Company FAQs: Employees often spend an ample amount of their productive time engaging in the basic company-related information which is often repetitive. HR bots can remain available 24X7 to solve all these company-related queries by making them productive, progressive and ultimately satisfied.
  4. Employee work reports: By keeping the track report of the employees throughout the year, these automated chatbots can prepare the annual employee report without any manual assistance. As the tradition review process is considered to be outdated and ineffective by many HR leaders, HR bots allow instant interaction with the employees exchanging their feedback and performance insights.
  5. Employee Management: Encouraging the employees to work in a digitally enhanced environment, chatbots manage the leaves, work reports, salaries, benefits enrolments and standard survey of the employees. This AI-driven platform leverages the relationship of employees and the organization by the efficient management of the workforce of the organization.

According to a recent survey, by implementing automated AI-driven chatbots for HR processes, the organizations can not only take a lot of load off from the HR department but also saves up to 20 percent of their resources. By eliminating the error factors, these chatbots increase the efficiency, time utilization, and cost management for the organization which will benefit the company in the long run. As workforce statistics continue to get more affected and optimized by the digitalization, organizations should get familiarized by this revolutionary trend of HR bots to amend their HR process.

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