Multi bagger Dhruva Capital gains 205% in a month

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 25 July 2022

Dhruva Capital stock

Dhruva Capital stock has given 205 per cent returns in the last month.

The stock which was trading at Rs 7.54 on June 22 jumped by 205 per cent in a month to close at Rs 22.96 on July 22.

At least 23 penny stocks have given returns up to 205 per cent in the last month, Good Returns reported.

These stocks priced up to over Rs. 20 have offered multibagger returns i.e. has more than doubled investors money.
Response gained 203 per cent in a month and closed at Rs 47.7 compared to Rs 15.73 a month back.
Similarly, Sonal Adhesives gained 202 per cent in a month from Rs 16 to Rs 48.3. VCU Data also gained 202 per cent from Rs 21.6 to Rs 65.15.
Haria Apparels was another multi bagger as it gained 193.85 per cent jumping to Rs 5.26 from Rs 1.79.
Kore foods also gained more than 193 per cent to close at Rs 6.42 on July 22 as compared to Rs 2.19 a month back.
DSJ Keep also jumped more than 193 per cent in a month to close at Rs 4.22 compared to Rs 1.44 a month back.
Sturdy Industries gained 142.5 per cent from 40 paisa to 97 paisa. Regency Ceramic was up 160 per cent from Rs 3.04 to Rs 7.91.
Integra Garments was up by 149.75 per cent from Rs 1.99 to Rs 4.97 per cent. Ventura Textiles gained 118 per cent in a month to close at Rs 8.4 compared to Rs 3.85, Good Returns reported.
ABC Gas jumped 187 per cent from Rs 13.2 to Rs 37.9 in a month, High Street gained 184 per cent from Rs 20.15 to Rs 57.15, Deep Diamond gained 147 per cent from Rs 17.1 to Rs 42.15 to become multibaggers in July.
Among the other multi baggers in the penny stocks, Leading Leasing closed at Rs 120.45 from Rs 51.1 a month ago to gain 136 per cent, KLK Industries closed at Rs 76.9 compared to Rs 33.1, a jump of 132 per cent, Panth Infinity closed at Rs 46.05 from Rs 20.37, a jump of 126 per cent.
PC Jeweller closed at 54.6 as compared to Rs 24.55 last month with a gain of 122 per cent, Galactico Corporate closed at Rs 70.85 up from Rs 32.8, a gina of 116 per cent, Shanti Educational closed at Rs 116 compared to Rs 55.08 with a jump of 111 per cent, Tirupati Tyres closed at Rs 16.57 up from Rs 7.8 with a gain of 112 per cent.
Yarn Syndica closed at Rs 12.49 up from Rs 6.11, a gain of 104 per cent and Stanpacks closed at Rs 15.36 up from Rs 7.52 with a gain of 104 per cent, Good Returns reported.

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