How Fleet Management Consultants are Simplifying Business Deliveries in e-Commerce Era

By Aveek Pal Chaudhuri Thursday, 09 April 2020

How Fleet Management Consultants are Simplifying Business Deliveries in e-Commerce EraIn any business, Fleet Management plays a key role in simplifying the overall fleet performance. With its team, the Fleet Management Consultants play a major role in finding fleet optimization opportunities. Fleet optimization can be done for various reasons like reducing cost, safe driving rules, enhancing driver performance, minimizing effects on the environment for achieving business goals. Fleet Management Consultants comprises of a team of professionals holding skills in Analytics, Big Data and Fleet Software. This team is gathered based on the individuals’ experience in providing affluent services during the course of the fleet cycle. Different fleet operations have different solutions. Based on this theory and keeping the focus entirely in business goals, a Fleet Management Consultant imparts a plethora of consultations and henceforth implements those to a company’s fleet service to overcome challenges. The entire dedication resides in improving the company’s fleet performance.

Some of the very best Fleet Management Consulting firms have added assessment for fleet performance in their service bracket. Based on parameters like company size, usage and industry domain, these firms compare their client’s fleet performance to another company’s equivalent services. By doing so, the Fleet Management Consultants are able to determine the gap in the fleet cycle and afterward fill those with consultations for betterment. Being the strategic consultants for their clients, the Fleet Management Consultants integrate Fleet Analytics Technologies to let the team strategize and execute the consulting services relying on data more than their instincts.

Services Delivered by Fleet Consulting Firms

  • Ideation and Execution
  • Making Cost-Saving Strategies
  • Defining Business Objectives – Vision
  • Year Wise Business Planning
  • Cargo Rationalization
  • Asset Management Optimization
  • Safe Drive Programs
  • Fleet Policy Creation
  • Regular Reviews of Business
  • Comparison and Analysis of Fleet replacement
  • Amortization Analysis
  • Analyzing Cost
  • Analyzing Asset
  • Analyzing Fuel

Steps Involved in Fleet Consulting

  • The first step is Research and Analyze where Fleet Management Consultants start by studying the Analyzing the Cost Lifecycle, Vehicle Optimization, Fleet Cycling and Replacement Strategies, Resale Market Optimization and Effective Safety Measures. The data received from the software and tools enable Fleet Management Consultants to find opportunities for further improvement on these and they take help of Predictive Analytics for servicing clients on productive replacements.
  • The second step of Fleet Management includes strategy discussion and usage of tools for monitoring and managing fleet costs and trends. The Fleet Management Consulting team takes note of the fleet data for analyzing costs involved and the required service for the entire fleet cycle process. With expertize in industry domains, they deliver sustainable ideas to the clients.
  • The Fleet Management Consultants optimizes the fleet cycle process continuously by being collaborative. The consultants work to make sure that the client’s business goals are achievable and they make profits in the end. Working with freedom for strategizing fleet cycle steps, Fleet Management Consultants verify the performance meter of the strategies every now and then.

Offering fervent consultations on improving the fleet cycle performance by including best industry habits, Fleet Management Consultants have incomparable business intelligence, technical expertise for solving complex business challenges for a supreme hold by a client to its business deals.

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