How Can Businesses Benefit Out of Consumer's Impulse Buying Behaviour

By Tanuja A Akkannavar Friday, 13 March 2020


Impulse Buying is a behaviour of the consumers which comes out when the emotions towards purchasing any product increases, the consumers buy products without thinking about future advantages or disadvantages. For example, when a consumer goes to a supermarket to buy certain things and they end up buying extra materials irrespective of whether it will be useful or not. In such conditions, the companies earn benefits with the impulse buying behaviour of the customers.

The companies plan their marketing strategies based on their consumer behaviour research and observation. Also, today the ratio of impulse buying behaviour of consumers has increasingly become one among the general consumer behaviour which is easily predictable when it comes to products such as clothing, watch, electronic gadgets, automobile, home appliances and many more. The companies have to work and develop strategies that can help them in levelling up their sales using this behaviour of the consumers. Not only this will amplify the sales of a company but also gain high profits and revenue for a company and creates market space for their products and services. Sometimes when a company plans the right strategies focusing on the impulse behaviour of the consumers to strengthen their sales, may not only build demand for their products and services but also emerges out successful. Henceforth, designing the right marketing and sales strategies can bring in high revenue and profits for a company.

Create a Market for Products and Services:
A company can create a good market space for their products and services by implementing the right strategies to encourage the impulse buying behaviour of their customers. In most cases, consumers will go for impulse buying when they observe any sale or discounts on any product they wish to buy. Because the impulse buying behaviour increases when the customers watch that the cost of products and services they feel to purchase is low and does not incur any expenses. Hence providing affordable prices for the products and services that can develop impulse buying behaviour in the customers can increase the demands for those products and services.

Helps in Understanding Customer Expectations:
Certain impulse buying products such as food items like chocolates and beverages help the companies to know and understand the requirements of their customers. The companies can know about what kind of products do the consumers buy more often and which products can encourage impulse buying in the customers. If a company is producing chocolates that are high in demand and highly inculcates impulse buying behaviour in a customer. After some time the same company will come out with a new product to offer more to their customers but, unfortunately, if that product does not reach the customer and fails to create a market like the other product. This will help a company in understanding the requirements and expectations of its consumers.

Promote Various other Products Produced by a Company:

Generally how impulse buying works is when a consumer goes to purchase a product and later buys more products that held their attention and triggers the impulse buying behaviour in them. So when the products are being displayed in a store or supermarket along with the most in-demand product a company can keep the other products produced by a single company that may draw consumer’s attention and make them buy those products.

These are some of the benefits that a company or businesses can get out of impulse buying behaviour of their customers and factors that influence the level of impulse buying. The business and management of the most in-demand products have to plan well and develop strategies that can benefit them because of increasing impulse buying behaviour in their customers.

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