How are Market Research and PR Consultants saving businesses amid Pandemic Crisis

By Tanuja Akkannavar Wednesday, 02 September 2020

Survival is an important factor for companies in the present scenario. The Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected many industries, though it is an established company. Many companies have halted their functions, the higher number of SMEs have shut down due to this lockdown. It is becoming hard for the companies to pay their employees as there is no income, also many companies have minimized their number of employees.

Market Research and PR Consultants are also highly affected segments, as the market had stopped functioning for several days. Even though the whole pandemic situation is changing everyday market scenario, the Market Research companies are working hard to provide a deep observation to their clients. They are preparing their clients for the post-pandemic operations.

Here are some of the strategies how Market Research companies are applying to save their business: 

1. Predicting Post Pandemic Market –

 By studying the present market demands and supply, the Market Research businesses guide their clients by predicting the requirement of their respective products and services in the market. This will help the companies to prepare themselves to function better post-pandemic.

2. Making Strategies –

The Market research companies are helping their clients with the right marketing strategies to sell their products and services to the customers even during the lockdown. They are assisting the firms to convince their consumers in the right way.

3. Adjusting with the Time –

The market trends are changing daily and the companies are feeling it difficult to cope up with these shifts. Hence, to make the companies adjust to the market scenario accordingly, the Market Research Companies are providing them with the right information about the demand and essentiality of products and services in the market.

Public Relations shapes opinion about a company on the public. This pandemic has been challenging to the PR industry as they are short of resources such as there are no public events and no personal contact. By only using social media platforms, print media or the electronic media the PR companies has to build or maintain a good public image of their clients.

Following are some of the ways how PR Companies kept their functions ongoing during the pandemic crisis:

1. Promoting Values –

 The PR companies kept promoting the values of their client companies or personalities in order maintain their good face and respect in the society, for example, there was an advertisement by WhatsApp Company where an old and single woman connected to her nurse using WhatsApp so that she can get away from her loneliness. Hence, the PR companies are promoting the social values of the company in order to make them stay active in the market.

2. Building Content –

To make people remember any product, service or a company all the times irrespective of the situation, the organizations have to provide excellent content that will be imprinted in the consumer's mind. Hence, the PR consultants are guiding their clients to come up with good content that will remain for a long time on the customer's mind.

3. Media Coverage –

 The most popular medium to connect with the consumers is through media. The companies can easily promote their goods and services to the consumers through advertisements in print or electronic media, also, the social media platforms. So, in order to promote their client's products and services to a larger audience, the PR consultants are helping the companies by having a campaign that gets maximum media coverage.

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