Household Robots: Apple Allegedly Developing its Next Major Innovation in Secret

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 04 April 2024

Apple is rumored to have been working covertly on home robots, their next big invention. Teams inside Apple are looking at the "next big thing," which they see to be a drive toward personal robots. Apple developers are working on creating a mobile robot that can follow customers about their homes, according to a Bloomberg article citing people with knowledge of the project. According to the story, the iPhone maker has also created a cutting-edge tabletop home gadget that employs robotics to move a display, but the project is kept very secret.

What is the current state of personal robotics?

According to the article, Apple's initiative is only getting started, so it's unclear when the devices will be delivered. However, following the cancellation of an electric car project in February of this year, the corporation views the items as a new source of income. The article stated that although the corporation would push into mixed-reality goggles, it will likely take years for them to become a significant source of revenue.

Additionally, the article stated that although the robotic smart display has been added and withdrawn from the company's product road map over the years, it is far more advanced than the mobile bot.

Who is in charge of Apple's personal robots manufacture and where is it located?

According to the source, the robots work is being done under Apple's AI and machine-learning group, which is led by John Giannandrea, and hardware engineering division. Brian Lynch and Matt Costello have been in charge of the hardware development. The corporation has previously said that the automobile, home, and mixed reality sectors will be the focal points of its future. But this was prior to the cancellation of its EV initiative. According to the story, Apple has a covert facility near its Cupertino, California office that looks like the interior of a house where it may test future products and ideas for the home.

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