Here is the perfect office space for lease atlanta

By Team CR Tuesday, 03 September 2019


Are you an entrepreneur who’s looking for a suitable office space for lease? Looking for a place where your office takes a lot of thought and consideration. You should be able to plan ahead of time so that you can acquire everything that you need for your office space. When you’re looking for an office space for lease Atlanta, you should make sure that you:

1. Decide on the space that you need. You should evaluate your business and determine your budget, the size of the business, the number of employees that you have, the interior layout of the organization, the parking space that you will require, and the potential expansion of the business. It’s very important to note that the office space is enough and can accommodate your employees and investors comfortably.

2. Determine the location of the organization. It should be placed well enough to be accessible to your clients, investors, and employees. The organization should also be considerate of where the office is situated depending on the three classes; class A, class B, and class C.

* Class A – Consists of well-maintained high-end offices. They are very costly.
* Class B – Consists of less costly offices that are designed to provide functional office spaces.
* Class C – Consists of offices that are old and in less popular neighborhoods. However, you need to renovate the office and maintain them.

3. Negotiate your lease – After identifying the right office space that meets your business needs, you can get a broker to help you in negotiating and understanding the three types of leases that include:

* Full-service lease – This lease states that the landlord is responsible for paying for the property taxes, repairs, maintenance, insurance, and utilities.
* Net lease - The landlord charges the tenant a lower annual rent as compared to the rent of the full-service lease. The rent can include a monthly charge of the other expenses.
* Modified gross lease – This is a lease that requires the tenant to pay a certain percentage of the property insurance, CAM fees, and the taxes as part of the rent. The rent is modified, and there are no unexpected charges.

There are so many benefits other than saving on cost when getting an office space for lease in Atlanta. The benefits include:

* As your business grows, you can relocate to another office space after your lease is up.
* You get to enjoy some of the benefits that include security, remodeling of the premises, and the maintenance of the space. This lessens the number of responsibilities that you have, making you focus more on the business that you’re handling.
* There is no down payment that needs to be done- you only have to pay rent for the agreed number of months before moving in, and you can negotiate on the payment rates.
* You do not have to pay any mortgage, thus enabling your enterprise to invest in other areas. You can able to grow your brand.

When you’re negotiating the lease agreement, you should make certain that the approximate period of the lease is stated. You should agree with the base rent and the tenant improvement credits. However, you should not terminate your lease without any cause.

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