Google Photos Facilitates Access of the Locked Folder More Easily

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 04 July 2024

Users of Google Photos may now find hidden photographs with more ease. The popular picture management software has released a big update that improves access to the Locked Folder, a feature that allows users to save private photographs and videos with an extra degree of protection.

Previously, opening the Locked Folder required scrolling through multiple menus, which made the procedure quite onerous. However, the latest version places the Locked Folder front and center.

What's changed?

The Locked Folder now has its own dedicated section on the library tab, alongside familiar alternatives such as Favorites, Archive, and Trash. This prominent location makes it easier to find your concealed photographs.

With the upgrade, users may now press the Locked Folder symbol immediately to access their safe vault of private photos and movies. By streamlining access to the Locked Folder, Google makes it easier for users to control their privacy settings within the Photos app.

This update is presently being rolled out to both Android and iOS versions of Google Photos. Users may upgrade their software to have a faster and more comfortable approach to accessing their Locked folder.

While some users may have preferred the former, more hidden placement for the Locked Folder to avoid inadvertent disclosure, the current method promotes simplicity and ease of access.

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