Google Adds Question-asking, Drafting, Summarizing, and Other Gemini AI Capabilities to Gmail

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 26 June 2024

After releasing Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Drive, Google is now bringing out a Gemini AI side panel for Gmail. The Gemini 1.5 Pro AI model will be used to ask questions, discover particular information from emails, and summarize communications, among other things.

With the new Gemini features, what can you do?

According to a blog post published by the search engine giant on Monday, users will be able to ask questions and find specific information from emails in their inboxes or from Google Drive files. They will also be able to use Google's Gemini AI to summarize email threads, suggest responses to email threads, and receive assistance drafting an email.

According to Google's article, users may also ask Gemini open-ended inquiries to have it scan the inbox and locate what they're looking for. "What was the PO number for my agency?" "How much did the company spend on the last marketing event?" and "When is the next team meeting?" are a few examples of these kinds of inquiries.

With the new Gemini features, who wins?

Only users of Google Workspace with a Gemini Business or Enterprise add-on, Gemini Education or Education Premium add-on, or Google One AI Premium subscribers will have access to these services.

How can I use the features of Gemini?

Admins may access Gemini through the Workspace app's side panel. To enable smart features and customisation, go to the admin console.

End users can click the "Ask Gemini" (star button) in the upper right corner of Gmail to access Gemini on the side panel. By pressing the "summarize this email" button in an email thread, mobile users may access Gemini.

What further features will be added to Gemini, and when will the additional features be available?

The functionality will roll out and be visible to users of the Rapid Release domain web page in 1-3 days starting on June 24. Beginning on July 8th, the feature visibility for Scheduled Release domains takes about 15 days.

Additionally, it will be gradually rolled out for mobile users starting on June 24 and available in around 15 days. Google has announced that more mobile features, such as Gmail Q&A and contextual smart reply, will be available shortly.

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