Google Messages Gemini AI Feature Now Supports Workspace, YouTube, and Maps Extensions

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 27 May 2024

After announcing the Gemini feature at I/O 2024, Google has started to distribute it out widely in Google Messages, according to 9To5Google. This creative AI helper, which appears as the initial contact when opening a new conversation, has been made available to stable users over the last few days.

Users are presented with a standard message screen, replete with gallery choices and emoticons, after agreeing to the terms and conditions. Audio memos are not supported, however picture uploads are.

Gemini is supposed to be useful for creating messages, coming up with ideas, organizing events, or just having fun discussions. It responds in a way that maximizes conciseness. Gemini can only be used one-on-one; group conversations cannot use Gemini, in contrast to Google Assistant in the now-defunct Google Allo.

While YouTube Music is conspicuously missing, the functionality supports Gemini Extensions like Workspace (@Gmail, etc.), @YouTube, and @GoogleMaps. Users have the ability to star or forward messages in addition to providing input on answers by long-pressing to indicate approval or disapproval. Talks using Gemini don't happen end-to-end encrypted, but they do happen over RCS, which must be enabled. Furthermore, neither the Wear OS app nor the online version of Google Messages allow access to Gemini.

The EEA, the UK, Switzerland, and India are not included in this worldwide deployment, however English and French are supported in Canada. Beta users have had access to Gemini since March.

A significant shift in manufacturing to India has been signaled by Dixon Technologies' start of trial production of Google's flagship smartphone, the Pixel 8. This calculated action highlights Google's growing focus on producing its high-end products locally.

The local production timetable for the Pixel 8 series looks to be ahead of schedule, having originally been scheduled for the second quarter of 2024. The Economic Times has sources stating that testing runs have started, and the first Pixel 8 units built in India would go on sale by September.

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